Author Author! Who is the Author

As an author you always wonder if the story that has taken over your life is as important to others. You wonder if others read the story and feel the same connection as you did when writing it. You feel insecure, you feel uncertain, but you never give up.  Isn’t that odd? You never stop believing others will get the same joy from the story.

I love Hitchcock, I love old classic movies that he directed, and the actors that starred in those movies. When I was in art school ( I used to pop an old movie in my tv/player combo and let it play while painting or drawing. They inspired me with their creativity and dimension. THAT is what I brought to my novel. And I haven’t stopped believing in it.

I’ve been writing since high school where I won an award, and never stopped writing and painting my whole life. It gives me real happiness to share the beauty in what I see everyday, hoping that the people who read my novel, or look at my paintings will experience that same joy and celebration in the color, the composition, the storyline or the characters – aren’t they the same?

Blue Moon Bench – a geographical location on the Navajo Reservation. Did you know that? It sounded so romantic the first time I heard the name, it stuck. If I ever write a novel, I thought, I’d name it “Blue Moon Bench”.

Author, author, who is the author? The reader. I have written my novel for you, you ARE the author. Otherwise I wasted a good story. I hope you’ll read Blue Moon Bench, and enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

Why am I blogging publicly instead of keeping a diary? – it’s all about sharing with others.

What topics do I want to write about? – A peak into the novel, a revealing of mystery to tantalize those who haven’t read the book.

Who would I love to connect with via this blog? – All those writers who are trying so hard like me, and all those seeking the next best-selling novel. This is it!

If I blog successfully throughout the next year, what do I hope to accomplish? – Getting a real agent, publisher, and seeing Blue Moon Bench become a candidate for a Hollywood movie. Yeah baby!

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