New Mystery Sensation

New Sensation

Long ago in the advertising world they used to use the term ‘new sensation’ for products they wanted to hype – get people to connect with – be attracted to. New was always good, something that created a sensation was exciting and ‘in the news’.

Here and now I count the days that the novel “Blue Moon Bench” will be a New Sensation – and all of those things. Why, because I believe my readers of this novel will enjoy the story, the excitement and the mystery. AND…. it has really has something new.  A new look at this country as a melding of ideas and beliefs; the main couple are Tibetan Buddhist living a normal life in the southwest, studying the Native Americans – and find a connection between the two. How can it be more of a “New Sensation”? (she asks biting her lip). I mean, it has everything that Daniel Steele, Nora Roberts and all the great classic writers have. I just haven’t yet been rejected by enough publishers. Please help me feel like I don’t need to give up!

Read the book, learn about the southwest, and the mysterious cave that connects the east and the west (based on a true story). I can’t yet talk about the true part of the treasure cave, or it’s owner and how the Smithsonian plays a part. But read the book and tell me what you think.

Edition 2 is for sell for only $2.99 on Smashwords, but buy it on Barnes and Noble and Amazon for $6.99 for your e-reader/tablet. Coming soon in paperback.

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