It’s Not an Ending Until It’s Over

A response to the Daily Prompt: Happy Endings

I had a really hard marriage (won’t go into details… just know it was awful hard) and while I was married I became so distraught I had to find an escape. That escape was my novel “Blue Moon Bench”.

Each day I’d get up (I was a stay at home wife), do housework, chores, errands, then I’d sit down and write on my novel. I was living in Tucson, Arizona where my husbands work took us,  and sorely missed Flagstaff in northern Arizona. So my novel was staged in the place I missed most in the world. Before marriage I’d been in Flagstaff, single, living alone, on the ski patrol, dating three different guys all at the same time trying to decide who to chose as my next boyfriend. I was happy. I mountain biked, hiked, skied, painted (I’m also an artist) and wrote short stories and articles.

So I remember I decided to write about what I loved; Northern Arizona. The beauty, the culture, the Native Americans and their life style and beliefs, about the people I missed giving them new names, and about the mysteries of the southwest right in my previous backyard, the Grand Canyon. I wrote and wrote and wrote until my first novel was over 100,000 words long (in case you don’t know the longest a first novel is recommended to be is 80,000).

My happy ending was when I received that novel for the first time 10 years later in the mail in print! There it was, all those years of work and sweat and belief. Even if no one bought it, it was all wrapped up in that beautiful cover, smelling like new paper and ink, looking beautiful and professional. What a day that was! A very happy ending.

However, I’ve realized that it’s not over yet. I’m having it professionally edited so my embarrassing grammatical/typos go away (I can afford that now).  So stay tuned for the next happy ending: I get to sell it in a real book store and not just online. It’s not an ending until it’s over.

You can read my book here:

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