A Writers Here & Now

Write Here, Write Now

Be in the present. Let go of the past. Live in today. All those are quotes from meditation teachers who help us let go of our egos and confusion so we can become enlightened. I’m a writer; a Tibetan Buddhist, and I’m working hard at getting my novel published. Is that the same?

Writers used to write great books, submit them to agents hoping to get representation. Or, they would send the manuscript to 50 publishers just to get turned down. J.K.Rowlings the author of the Harry Potter miracle was reportedly turned down by 250 publishers. What if none of them had bought her novel? What if she had given up? And why did so many reject her stories? There is a disconnect in the writers writing what is in their hearts which is often very different; and the publishers being willing to publish only something that is proven to be sellable; and the public wanting something that IS different.

Today, J.K. Rawlings would have probably self-published her novel, not very many would have sold, and the world would have been a completely different place. Her stories have deeply affected the young peoples market, which before almost didn’t even exist. It changed how adults read because they are no longer afraid to pick up a novel for young people and enjoy it.

Or maybe she would have been a best selling e-book. Maybe she would have had a blog and not given up. Maybe she would have stuck with it and written Daily Prompts on WordPress.

Wait, am I J.K. Rawlings? Are you? Aren’t we all just trying to get our stories heard? I love the premise, storyline, characters and outcome of my novel. I love that the main couple are Buddhists that use meditation as a tool to overcome stress and fear. I love that no one else has done what I’ve done; written an adventure novel with romance, murder mystery, history and creativity all in one. It’s a damn good novel, a good read (after the last edit is done of course).

And I’m certain all others who have written novels, or blogs, or poetry feel the same way. Is there room in the world for every thing that is being written today? God, I don’t know. I just know that I’m out there with everyone else trying to offer a great story so they can share in my enthusiastic connection with Arizona, Native American culture and mystery, and romantic adventure with a Raiders of the Lost Ark twist.

And I won’t give up. I am J.K. Rawlings in that way. Write here, write now: and don’t give up.


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