Blue Moon Bench in Print

Good news. I’ve successfully uploaded and set up Blue Moon Bench to be published in print! I’ve just received my first printed copy for proofing, and I can tell you I had tears in my eyes which was a surprise. I think seeing all the hard work in print was such a relief, confirmation that it was really going forward, and the excitement to see the outcome of years of work. It’s not possible, at least for this writer, not to tear up a little.

I’ll post on here where it’s available to order, and hope to see sales soar! I’m confident (ok, that was a pep-talk for myself to not get discouraged).

As I’m doing the last proof read, knowing this is ‘it’, I’m elated and nervous at the same time (is that possible?). The plan is to get the last version to press, I buy a number of copies, and then begin finding local independent book stores to pick up the novel and promote it.

I really believe others will enjoy learning about the story of “What happened that night on Blue Moon Bench.”

Me? I just want to see others enjoy reading it so they review it, and recommend it, and copies sell, and the temple (Kunzang Palyul Choling) benefits from that sale.

Don’t want to wait? Download the e-version on Kindle, iBookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Just search for Blue Moon Bench Blanchard.

Happy reading!


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