Asking for Reviews

It’s hard enough to write a book, sweat, worry, rework, rewrite, restructure. Get critiques, hire an editor, and finally you get finished. It takes three years to write, five more to finish edits and all the other things. Then you copyright it, design a cover, create a blog, social media….. you believe in what you’ve done,.. but no one has reviewed it!!!!

Do any of you writers out there have any suggestions on getting your novel reviewed? I’ve had a few friends read the novel, say it’s great, but I haven’t gotten any reviews even on Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, or Kindle.

Reviews….. ahhh … to have some reviews (even negative so I can respond).  Surely other authors have never gone through such stress. I believe in this novel! READ MY BOOK! You’ll love it, I promise.

Then….. write a review.




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