Tony Hillerman Prize

I’ve worked so hard on this novel, and it took so long to get it just right, but sadly I haven’t had the time to promote or find ways to market it because I work fulltime as a UX/UI Designer for the government.  I just learned about the Tony Hillerman Prize which is a competition for mystery novels set in the American southwest, written by a first-time author in the mystery genre. A perfect fit for Blue Moon Bench. So off it goes!!

St. Martin's PressThis novel was in inspiration that came from my love of the southwest, its culture, and its beauty. Now that I’m living on the east coast I often look back at when I was writing it while living in Tucson, Arizona, and it brings great joy to think it might actually find an audience that loves the southwest and romantic fiction like I do.

I’m very excited about sending my novel off to the competition, and hope you will all wish me well. This is my first attempt since self publishing it (besides this site, and my book trailer) at trying to get this novel off the shelf and into the hands of the readers!


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