Murder Mystery Book Trailer

I created this book trailer for my murder mystery novel “Blue Moon Bench”. The real meaning of ‘mystery’ is suspense and expectation; reminiscent of the Hitchcock/du Maurier’s thriller ‘Rebecca’. This trailer will reveal  (To view full screen: Click on the four-arrow graphic to the left of the word ‘Vimeo” hit escape to return).


Staged in the rugged beauty of the southwest, this story unravels as illustrator Jessica needs to solve the murder of her new husbands first wife to save their marriage, or possibly her own life. Is she married to a murderer?

Jessica married what she thought was the perfect man after a passionate three-month liaison. Now, as the wife of a wealthy Anthropologist and ranch owner living in Arizona, meditating and living her dream of comfort in all things, her days were perfect. That is, until the mysterious death of Rachel, Alex’s first wife, begins to interfere.

The Rachel had been stunningly beautiful, accomplished and well loved, but her dead body was found at the bottom of the Grand Canyon only a year before, and no one wanted to talk to Jessica about just what happened that night on Blue Moon Bench. The Chindi (Navajo spirits of the dead) may be involved, but the Dine'(Navajo) do not speak of this to strangers, and to them Jessica is definitely a stranger.

Download the book and find out what happened.

Plus download from your iBook, Nook and Kindle book stores. Just search for Blue Moon Bench Blanchard.

Thanks. I hope you really enjoy it, and please come back and post a comment.


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