Cover Art by Illustrator Ashby North


The cover art for Blue Moon Bench is by illustrator and children’s video-book author Ashby North.

In the editorial market, North has illustrated many covers for Bed Times Magazine. In 2003 he won the International Silver Inkwell Award for Best Magazine Cover Illustration. For several seasons North has created playbill art for the WolfTrap Foundation for the Arts Theater in The Woods, and works for non-profit organization clients such as; Africare, Habitat for Humanity, the American Bar Association and Kunzang Palyul Choling Center for Tibetan Buddhist Studies.

North also co-envisioned and created children art works for Fiddlemoon Stories LLC and has worked on a variety of projects with such graphic design clients as Thunder Mountain Designs and dawn blanchard design.

The cover for Blue Moon Bench was inspired by the main character in Blue Moon Bench and it’s southwest location.


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