The Story of Blue Moon Bench

ebookLandscapeThe dead woman had been stunningly beautiful, accomplished and well loved, but her body was found at the bottom of the Grand Canyon only a year before, and no one wanted to talk to Jessica about just what happened that night on Blue Moon Bench, far out on the Navajo Reservation.

Jessica, professional illustrator, married what she thought was the perfect man after a passionate three-month liaison. Now, as the wife of a wealthy Anthropologist and ranch owner living in northern Arizona, her days were perfect until the mysterious death of Rachel, Alex’s former wife, begins to interfere.

A deadly, secret love affair, a twisted story of drugs, stolen artifacts and love gone awry is exposed leaving, Jessica distressed and determined.  She finds meditation and mantra helps calm the mind, but won’t solve the mystery of the heart.

Seeking out the Navajo who found Rachel’s body, he tells a tale of Chindi, skinwalkers (spiritual ghosts), and bad curses. How would she save the man she loved from prison and possibly death? And was it worth risking her own life?

“Like Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller Rebecca and Dial M for Murder, Blue Moon Bench is a suspenseful story that leaves you breathless and wanting to know more.”

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